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Global Field Work Scholarship

The IEC has been sending people to various parts of the world to help global causes. In tribal villages, around the world, we are involved in strengthening existing village skills and knowledge base, so that people can become self-sufficient through their own efforts. Farmers, women and youth are involved and the focus is on areas such as organic farming, kitchen gardens, seed funds, medicinal plants, craft training, product improvement, and barter of essential goods and services, and for cultural strengthening and functional literacy. We believe that we need to look to our huge pool of skilled artisans to provide the answers to move towards a sustainable development path that is based on local knowledge systems, cultural diversity and inner contemplation.

Besides this project, Ahimsa is working on various efforts which include helping individuals with medical/educational assistance, improving livelihoods and habitat, peace education, schools, artisans, environment (like spreading awareness on cleaning up rivers), mindfulness practice and teaching, organizing talks, distribution of books etc. in various parts of the world.