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Interfaith Exchange Program

We seek funds to help launch our exchange program which is currently working to bring two Bhutanese nationals to import their culture and life style including its unique worldview of well being, connect Bhutanese citizens in direct contact with our citizens who come from many parts of the world to exchange knowledge and experience and facilitate mutual learning.

We are currently in the visa application process with our two Bhutanese citizens who will bring their well-developed professional skills, their culture and their cultural teachings to our Ashram where they will live on site and interact with our community. There will be a host of activities surrounding these exchanges, which will include many of the following:

  • Teaching about the art of Bhutanese painting
  • Teaching how to build a permaculture through Bhutanese farming practices.
  • Sharing the Bhutanese Philosophy of Happiness.

We will host a series of workshops that focus on Yoga, Painting, Farming, and Overall Well being.