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Mindfulness Centre General Fund

The IEC Ashram is a place where people come to learn the practices of mindfulness. Mindfulness is a powerful way to reduce stress and anxiety and be present in the moment. There are special retreats that happen at this facility, and often a place for members of the community to get together.

Mindfulness is the energy of being aware of what is happening inside and around us in the present moment. It is increasingly being recognized as essential support for students, teachers, school administrators and parents. There is considerable research being done by the international medical community that has provided a scientific basis for these findings. Mindfulness is known to:

  • Increase attention and concentration
  • develop emotional and cognitive awareness and understanding
  • develop interpersonal awareness and skills
  • decrease stress, attention deficiency, depression, anxiety and hostility and enhance inner resilience
  • promote a sense of well-being

The Mindfulness Center focuses on bringing practices to people so that they can use it in their own lives and based on their experience, share it with others.

Some of the areas of focus at the centre are:

  • Mindfulness in everyday life
  • Transforming stress and pressure at work
  • Deep listening and compassionate speech
  • Reconciling difficult relationships
  • Cultivating joy and happiness in daily life
  • Helping children deal with strong emotions
  • Mindful songs and games for all ages

Care and maintenance are always needed, from roof repairs to painting, plumbing repairs, etc. The general fund is where these repairs come from. Other needs that are met from the General Fund is the monthly electricity and bills for the Ashram.