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Tibet Sky Village Foundation

Many Tibetans today are refugees, living in India and around the world, but what about those left behind in Tibet?  

Have we forgotten about those who did not escape?   

What levels of suffering do they live in?   

Most of the world do not know the truth because it has been hidden and covered up by censorship by the Chinese Government.  

Tibet Sky Village Foundation has been working with the Tingkhe Village in Tibet for many years.   Your donations and generosity help us to attain our goals of helping the people struggling in Tibet.  We appreciate your continued support and ask that you donate today.

Our goals are to help establish simple human needs like sanitation for personal hygiene, health services for women and children, and general health issues.   We have also been supplying building materials and funding directly to the local community with emergency shelter and long term housing.

After the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal and the Himalayas, a vast number of homes were destroyed and thousands were left dead. While many efforts were directly forthe people of Nepal, their Tibetan neighbours have gotten comparatively little to no attention.

This harsh reality for many rural Tibetans is represented in Tingkhye, where many families were left essentially homeless following the earthquakes in the Himalayas in 2015.

In the past we have completed emergency housing, completed livestock enclosures but during the monsoon season and winter, most routes are impassable. We have helped to source local stone, reclaimed lumber, and purchased new construction supplies to complete residential housing and their only source of income in their livestock.

100% of all donations go directly to Tingkhye for material assistance. No administration, fundraising, wire transfer or other fees/costs are deducted. With the exception of a full-time construction foreman who will receive a small stipend for the duration of the project, there are no labour costs. All work is performed by the community on a volunteer basis. The foreman is paid solely to help to offset the loss of summer earnings for this full-time responsibility.

All funds are received and disbursed by Lobsang Wangdu of the Tingkhye Monastery (established c.1394)

Any unused materials and funds will be applied to additional structure completion and community improvements. Tibet Sky Village will publish summary reports and photographs online and to its contributor mailing lists as work completes.

We continue to offer aid in assistance to the long term efforts of returning their village to liveable safe standards.